Let's unite and share digital currency with the world!

Be part of the transformation. Join the Metcalfe Society.

If just 20% of cryptocurrency holders across the globe...

(all 22 million of them)


...gave two friends each $10 in crypto

(friends who have never owned any before)

Together, we could add 8 million crypto users to the network in a single day.

How it all started

American investor, writer, and economist George Gilder coined the phrase "Metcalfe's Law" to describe the observation first made by Dr. Rober M. Metcalfe that the value of a network grows as the square of the number of users.

Metcalfe's Law Explained

Metcalfe's Law states that the value of a network grows by the square of the size of the network. The idea behind this law is that a network's value is increased as the size of the network increases; this law is often referred to when talking about the Internets value. For example, if the network has 5 machines its value would be 25 (5^2=25), but if another network had 1000 machines its value would be 1,000,000. This law is also considered applicable to more than just the Internet or a computer network. For example, a software product may increase in value as it grows in size. If a product only has 25 users, it is less likely to be known and used. However, if the same product has 1,000 users, it is more likely to be known and used.

The Metcalfe Society believes that:

- Digital currencies will grow in use and utility.

- Simple actions from ordinary people can change the world.

- Everyone can should belong to the age of digital currency.

How we do it

Aside from other initiatives to exapand the network, on Metcalfe Monday, everyone in the world who is involved in digital currencies gives a nominal gift of cryptocurrency to two friends or family members who are not currently holders of cryptocurrency. In a single day every year the Metcalfe Society will double the user base of cryptocurrency holders. The society will promote new traditions in giving - parents and grandparents will contribute to a savings account that could be quite significant over time. A gift is that personal "thank you" for the math teacher who saw the diamond underneath and polished you until you shined!

The Metcalfe Society will benefit from sponsorship by industry members furthering their visibility and thus solidifying their brand